2023. 01. 05. 16:00

Aquapark extra charge

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08.06 - 03.09

AQUAPARK NORMAL entrance fee for whole day (giant slides) 5.300,-
AQUAPARK MINIMAL entrance fee for whole day (mini slides or attendant)  3.400,-
AQUAPARK NORMAL entrance fee after 16.00 pm (giant slides) 4.100,-
AQUAPARK MINIMAL entrance fee after 16.00 pm (mini slides or attendant)  3.000,-
AQUAPARK registration fee for children (0-3 years of age)
Locker rental for valuables/ safe

The Aquapark is a separate unit of the open air spa. The services of the Aquapark can  be used together with the open air spa ticket after purchasing an armband at an exrta cost.
Valide armbands provide free pass between the Aquapark and the open air spa.
The use of giant slides allowed above  120 cm height.

Children between the ages of 0-3 can use the Aquapark services for a registration fee of 300 HUF.