Mineral water

The mineral water bottling department of the Spa Co. Produces the Pávai Vajna mineral water, which was named after the discoverer of the thermal water. The water from well No. 9. is rich in minerals and its consumption causes favourable dietetical process. Professor János Rigó, from the National Dietetic Institute says '...this water, containing a small amount of salt, hydrogen carbonate and carbon dioxide, is recommended for a drinking cure especially in case of following illnesses of digestive system: acid overproduction, catarrhal and ulcerous illnesses, since it has on acidneutralizing effect.'
Minerals of the mineral water -for example boron- are effective against osteoporosis. The mineral water contains iodine, which helps to prevent and fight off the lack of iodine.
The water has been bottled since 1994, first as 'Hajdú' mineral water and then from 1996 as 'Pávai Vajna'.

From April 2004 the mineral water has been bottled by a new production line, which help us in increasing our capacity.The boottels form and lebel has been renewed. We can produce about 3 million bottels a year. You can choose different kinds of volume, such as, one-litre, half-litre bottles.