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IBR Diagnostics and treatment

IBR –System Integrated Biological Regulating System. A revolutionary new biophysical system serving healing.
This micro-electro-magnetic diagnostic and therapeutic system, as the first in the World, makes possible the complex electric and magnetic spectrum analysis and graphical presentation of the human organism. The main goal of the inventor group of doctors and engineers was to effect and optimize the self-controling and self-healing process of the patient during the cure.

The IBR–System asks questions as electric and magnetic impulses for the organism of the patient, what response for that, and the equipment analyses these answers. It corrects, modifies the incorrect ones, thereby facilitate and amplify the normal operation, while it cancels the harmful ones. The treatment is absolutely painless.

The IBR-system can offer great assistance in the treatment of numerous illness features:

acid-base balance of the organisation acute and chronic pains
Allergy treatment Allergic skin inflammation
allergic bronchitis asthma
Atopic dermatitis enteritis
Schreening and treatment of Candida eczema
food allergy painful menstruation
headache medicine and material test
gastric ulcer joint complaints
manopausal complaints chronic indigestion
chronic gynecological problems weakened immune potentation
migraine post-operative conditions
acnes detoxification on cellularlevel
Psoriasis Rosacea
rheumatic diseases seborrea
rehabilitation from injures hayfever
returning middle ear inflammation

The appliance also has a homeopathy method of operation!

During our healing and prevention we aspire to achieve the total body and soul metamorphosis of the patient as all the healing centers do who use IBR-System.
We beleive that we should concentrate not only for the symptons of the illnesses, but we try to achieve a radical change. During their stay in our hotel, they learn a new way of living to be able to live a healthier and more complete life. We not only treat the symptons, but we  help them to be able to maintain the improvement for a long time.

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