Beauty salon, denstistry

Manicure, Hairdresser , Cosmetics are waiting for our guests in our Beauty salon.

Manicure services: Japanese manicure, nail polishing , paraffin treatment
on  hand handmassage, preparing artifical nails, porcelain nails,  filling of jelly nails, filling of porcelain nails
regrating of artifical nails, placing on nail decorations

Hair dresser services for women hair-drying, washing, haircut,  perm, hair dyeing, highlights, for men haircut

Cosmetics: eyelash dyeing, eyebrow dyeing, eyebrow shaping, waxing, epilation, large treatment (cleansing, massage, peeling, facial mask), small treamtent, cleansing, facial massage, facial and decolletage massage, aromatherapy or Vitamine C facial and decolletage massage, synergistic (Lymph) detoxification facial and decolletage massage, hot stone energizing facial and decolletage massage, eyelash dauer (curling)- Wonderful eyelashes up to 2 months!  

Luxury pampering
Anti-wrickle eye treatment, firming lifting treatment, 24 carat GOLD treatment, hot stone treatment, Vitamin C treatment.

Private dentist:

Dr. Katalin Lázár dentist has a consulting room in the hotel.

The dental surgery’s main profile is the esthetic dentistry which means first of all the special application of the top quality filling materials and the use of biomaterials for making any kind of dental treatment with natural esthetic appearance for the perfect restoration.

by modern dental cosmetic technologies

An attractive healthy smile boosts your confidence and enhance your personal and professional life. Cosmetic dentistry with renowned dental cosmetic specialist Dr. Lázár and Dr. Hernádi is painless, relaxing and exciting!
Have a new enticing smile in the biggest SPA Paradise in Europe!

  • Do you have oscular-hygiene or dental problems?
  • Do you think the prices are not relevant to the quality of service?
  • Would you pay lower prices for the same quality?
  • Would you spend the time between treatments in pleasurable and relaxed ambience?
  • Do you like travelling?

If your answers are yes you are in the right place to find the solution to your dental problems.
Let us share our experience with you!
Our company has 20 years of experience in tooth care, tooth replacement and other dental cosmetic cares. We use the latest and best western technologies for the treatments in the biggest spa-city in Europe. All of our procedures are gentle, and now more than ever, you can transform your smile easily and painlessly in just a few days! What should you pay attention for before having treatment abroad?

  • What seems cheap enough is not necessarily the best for you. Do your homework and spend time on checking if those companies offering high quality and new type of treatments. If the answer is yes and they have a convincing portfolio on that, then you are at the right company.
  • Guarantee is a keyword at our dentistries. Let it be an essential term for you too, if you are looking for a trustworthy dentist.
  • Look closer at the type of firm. At private dentistries the patients have much closer contact with their doctors. Other advantages are the personal responsibility and flexibility contrary to health clinics.
  • The website can tell you a lot about the company, if it even exists. A well made informative website is a reference mark of professionalism and client orientation.
  • And finally: the most important keyword is trust. If you find an offer at a dentistry which is worth asking for further information or you would like to get one for your own dental problem: please feel free to get in touch.

What is our concern?
You might already faced several introductions of dentistries (except if this is your first visit on a dental website) which deal with dental cosmetic. You might be bored reading the histories of the dental cosmetic clinics, that is why let me show you our profession from another side.
Brillant Dent is outfitted with the highest quality modern dental cosmetic equipment.
Along with mine and, my daughter’s, Dr. Hernádi’s innovative dental cosmetic techniques and our professionalisms, we provide patients not only with white teeth and natural smiles they have always wanted but they cannot have doubt about the guarantee as we work together and always supplement our dental cosmetic knowledge. The result speaks itself... patients with permanent, non-artificial-looking and beautiful teeth from a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere.
You can also tell that this is not your average experience with a cosmetic dentist abroad when you can discuss procedures with me or with Dr. Hernádi in a pleasant environment, and not in a dental chair. Another fact is that that we incorporate the advanced lasers, x-rays, computerized applications and imaging for outmost accuracy and customization.
We use only quality American materials, which are harmless to health, and high-technology which is based on the latest cosmetic dental tools and techniques available.
With our 20 years old experience in tooth care, tooth replacement and other dental cares we offer you our dental cosmetic service in the biggest spa-city in Europe.
Main profile of our dentistries:

  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Teeth-wellness
  • Tooth restoration
  • Tooth replacement, Tooth protection
  • Esthetic prosthetic dentistry

Certainly we can solve a wide spread of problems: alleviation of pain caused by broken wisdom tooth, tooth extraction, child tooth care, tooth jewel, whitening, gum-shields for sportsmen and against gnashing etc.
Illusions and Facts
As you read above, you know now that we use several types of dental cosmetic procedures with the aim of improving the overall aesthetics of a smile. Dental cosmetic is often referred to as a "smile makeover" or "Hollywood smile". A beautiful smile can have numerous effects on an individual’s self-confidence, self-esteem and personal relationships.
The recent increase in media focus on the smile, with TV shows such as Extreme Makeover (Before and After show), has created a public awareness about cosmetic dentistry and its accessibility. We consider this effect and accept the presence of it. We are totally aware of it and also against dramatic changes as quick dental cosmetic job cannot issue in long-term results and patient can lose more than what he or she had before entering the dentistry. We believe in fine-cut solutions and perfect dental health for as long term as the modern high technology let us create.
Dental cosmetic wellness: it is a whole body approach to oral health achieved through the integration of dental excellence and the philosophies of complementary and progressive general medicine. Our purpose-designed clinic is comfortable and relaxing, incorporating some of the most advanced environmental and health technologies available today.
What do you gain by choosing our cosmetic dentistry?

  • Having dental cosmetic treatment and a holiday in Hungary.
  • Favorable prices and unforgettable experiences.
  • We use the most up-to-date technologies and materials.
  • We guarantee every treatment made in our dentistries.
  • Flexible customer service, individual appointments and journey plans.

We can send you our treatment plan and price offer based on your panoral radiograph.
Enjoy the idillic thermal bath of Hajdúszoboszló, visiting our well-equipped air-conditoned Brillantdent Dental Cosmetic Surgery in the 3* Superior Hotel HungaroSpa Thermal.
Our second Brillantdent Dental Cosmetic Surgery is found in, the famous historical-city, Debrecen.

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Perfect smile is our passion.
We double check every case before it goes out the door to...

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